i had an issue trying to do the $20 wyb $45 saturday.

i ordered just over $45 shipping to home, but of course items that were showing in stock were out of stock because they shipped from stores instead of warehouse. my total lowered to $40.xx so i didn't get the $20 wags cash.

i used chat to request $15.xx in wags cash. ($20 less the amount i was short of $45). the rep said she could only give me $10, because they cannot "appease customers simply because due to inventory you won't get the rewards." after i complained some more, she agreed to an even $15.

i sure hope they change the way they do things because it's bs to offer a deal like this and then not give the rewards because they ship incomplete orders. if customer service were more accommodating, i'd be willing to take the chance and order but i don't want to have to argue about it.