Every year we have long lines at the tram during the clash of holidays, Easter, Passover, school vacation and cherry blossoms all happening during the same times.

As operators of the Visitor Center, our staff welcomes guests from all over the world who are excited about seeing our island and its attractions. We receive few islanders as customers and would be gone if we depended on residents for business.

Our restaurants need visitors and their revenue to stay in business. Our stores need business from all who visit.

I estimate that 80% of the visitors stay south of Main Street and do not come north. Some venture north to the Lighthouse Park. Many walk the promenades and enjoy the scenery we take foregranted.

Maybe it is time for our neighbors to be appreciative of visitors and how attractive we are to the rest or the world. If a few days of crowds are too stressful, remember many of you took a tram ride, fell in love and then moved to the Island.
Judith Berdy