Idk if this was actually a sexual joke but I really wish that some I-fans who do think these things are funny ( because they are convinced an idol made a sexual joke) would be a little mindful in knowing that a lot of these idols are grown ass men with a lot of underaged girls as their fans 😬😐. This also extends to thinking it’s amusing for an idol to be overtly checking out a random fan at a fan-sign cuz you know..... 1) the fan-idol dynamic causes a power imbalance and 2) these idols shouldn’t be assuming all their fans are adults ( and I’m sure they’re very aware that lots are actually underaged...). It’s one thing for an idol to make a sexual joke with a group member, at a variety show or just be a lil flirty n fanservicey in general ( that’s directed at no 1 fan in particular), but it’s another thing to say/do suggestive things to an individual fan. Idk you can’t complain about wierd male idols then turn around and get hot n bothered when they do slimey shit that are obvious red/yellow flags then act dumb later if they get exposed for being misogynistic shitheads.