Okay, get ready!

You can use the in store wallet function to use a booster and still earn those points while redeeming points. This happens since the in store wallet is coded in a way that bypasses the message that customers get when they attempt to redeem points in a transaction they are using a paper booster.

You just select the amount of WC you want to use and add a credit or debit card. PayPal Debit card did not work when I tried to add it, so I just added a regular credit card.

Some things to note: DO NOT enter your phone number in the pinpad if you want to use the wallet. Just have the cashier scan the wallet at the beginning of the transaction. The wallet contains your myWalgreens account which allow you to get the sale prices. (there have been people who put in their phone number and have them scan the wallet which crashes the register.)

Cashiers CANNOT enter any mfr coupons since the wallet automatically takes your desired tender. After the cashier scans all your items and paper coupons, any digitals would apply and the cashier hits continue, then applying those digitals, redeeming your points, and using your desired credit/debit card. After points are redeemed, any Catalinas will print out of the machine.

Here I used a Spend $20, earn $6 in WC paper booster which I also combined with my digital booster of spend $20, earn $5. Notice how I was able to use points using the wallet function. I also used a $5 store RR as well since you can do that. Keep in mind, any thresholds must be met AFTER store RR and Walgreens Cash redemption.

Also, if you have a spend $35, earn $8 WC paper booster and a spend $30, earn $7 WC, and want to redeem $20 in points, you must spend a minimum of $55 after any store discounts. You must meet your HIGHEST threshold when it comes to the boosters. You will earn the $15 in WC.

As you can see, I earned the $11 in WC.

Any questions, I'll be happy to answer!