My younger brother went to college at the University of Kentucky, in Lexington.

Lexington itself isn’t nearly as bad, but the rest of the state is unbelievably poor, rather unintelligent and downtrodden. Most of the white people in Kentucky are so poor, uneducated, unhealthy, and destitute that a typical poor black person in Baltimore would drop their jaws to the floor if they saw white people in Kentucky. It’s THAT bad!

The difference though is that poor, uneducated, lower-IQ white people in Kentucky don’t murder 500 people a month like blacks do. They don’t rob stores or steal cars, they don’t have children out of wedlock with 10 women, they don’t rape women, and you can still walk around their run down towns without the fear of being robbed or attacked at any given time.

Poverty and lower IQ alone don’t explain the horrific behavior by blacks in America. If they did, poor whites in Kentucky would behave just like them.