You could post a thousand, ten thousand or more of these narratives and they would all follow a similar story line, and it doesn't seem to matter if the Whites are in the minority to blacks or hispanics, the story is the same.

Growing up in the sixties, and shortly after the integration of public schools, I couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. It wasn't until years later that I realized the reason we got along was that we Whites were in the majority (about 90/10) and most of the White boys knew a thing or two about fisticuffs (i.e., Mom and Dad didn't run hire a lawyer if Junior came home with a busted lip), it was all a part of "becoming a man."

I also think we had more of a "Code of Honor" back then. If a big kid was picking on a smaller kid, one of the other big kids would step up and tell the bully to "pick on someone your own size." Also, in all my years, I never heard of two or more ganging up on one. Finally, in high school, if you had a beef with someone, you could always go to the PE teacher and tell him you wanted to "put on the gloves" (we actually did a little boxing during PE). After about two minutes of swinging those big gloves, you arms felt like noodles and all of a sudden, you weren't mad at each other anymore.

Alas, that era of America is long gone for most Whites.