SA-26: For Afrikan people, homophilia (homosexuality & pedophilia) is a foreign behavior. However, through massive invasion, enslavement, and euro-asiatic conquest, Afrikan people have been at the mercy of foreign nations, on and off, for over the past 2,000 years. Because the strong committed relationship between the Black man and woman is at the core of our cultural reality, it defines us as a Race. The statues of men and women in committed and mutually-respectful relationships in Ancient Kemet (called “Egypt” today) make this point clearly from an ancient perspective. As a result, homophilia has more of a devastating impact on Afrikan culture than any other. It is diametrically opposed to the very composition of our personalities. It’s the antithesis of the definition of what it means to be “Afrikan.”

Homosexuality and pedophilia are core evolutionary traits of Africans. When HIV and AIDS first emerged, white people and black people approached it according to our natures. White people invented new types of condoms and eventually medications to reduce the symptoms. Africans tried to solve it with pedophilia. They continue to believe that the rape of a child is proper medical treatment for HIV. Across over 40 black countries, every single one concocted the same solution: pedophilia. No medical organization known to man has been able to convince black people that raping children is ineffective treatment, let alone immoral.

Regarding homosexuality, is there a group of black prisoners anywhere in the world that does not practice man-on-man rape? No amount of time away from women changes the sexual orientation of white men. It does so almost immediately for African men.