As Ann Coulter pointed out, if you increase your share of the black vote from 10% to 20%, while that's good, you are still losing in a rout. The same goes for the Hispanic vote.

Steve Sailer and his Sailer strategy makes much more sense. You only have to increase the percentage of the white vote a little bit, and voilà, you are winning an election. That means focusing not just on the interests of rich whites, but possibly middle class and poor whites too.

Remember that all votes are counted equally regardless of the skin color of the voter. So, while some districts might be written off as Democratic strongholds, even weakening them a little bit can help. Both campaigns are perhaps focusing too much on voter income, education level, and area they live in. If you were going by that, I should be a Democrat, but I'm not. Hit the enemy in its soft spots, but threaten their strongholds too. Put them on the defensive.

Remember the Republicans might not be the pro-white party, but the Democrats are definitely the anti-white party.