I survived 40+ years of "diversity" in the workforce. There for the early days when the lie was "diversity is more than just race" and then the lemmings would complain because there wasn't enough [pick a minority] in certain positions in the company. I've also observed that when a department gets a black manager, the entire department soon will become majority black. Blacks will hire other blacks without consideration of qualifications - they see the world through their own color lens.

The old adage about "tell a lie often enough, and it will soon be accepted as the truth" is especially relevant about diversity. Young folks entering the workforce have been subject to that brainwashing since kindergarten and they now accept it without question. In the past, there were enough of us "old White guys" who would keep the company from driving off the cliff. As we Whites retire and leave the workforce, these companies will soon reach "critical mass" where everyone in the room is a diversity hire with no experience or knowledge to run the organization.