This article is from 2005. Look how far we've not come. Rep Steve King is no longer in office. Kris Kobach is out. Pat Buchanan still writes an interesting column, but I doubt you will ever see him again on Fox News let alone any other news outlet.

In the meantime, the left has successfully thwarted any attempts at interior enforcement. We have more sanctuary cities than ever before, and nothing is being done to stop them.

Trump came in with such promise, but the southern border was virtually opened by him when he signed the executive order that stopped family separation at the border. Speaking of which, Jeff Sessions is out too.

Face it, all the immigration enforcement patriots have been kicked out of office. The lone bright spot might be Stephen Miller who was trying to get things done, but he's been silent or silenced since the campaign for re-election kicked off.

I will still vote for Trump despite all that simply because the alternative is so much worse.