Had to change my tp roll so decided to test the Babo tp. It's not bad. Not as fluffy or soft as Charmin ultra strong so doesn't feel as luxurious, but about equal absorbancy. Also the sheet is larger (11x11 cm) compared to Charmin sold at CVS (9x10 cm). Haven't used anything but Charmin in a while, so can't think of a comparable well-known brand. Certainly leagues above the lower tier consumer products and commercial tp. One side is smooth, the other rougher, and you definitely want to use smooth side only. The bamboo and panda print is cute. Overall, I like it. If the rest of family doesn't want to, I'd have no trouble using it myself. Still holding out hope that someday we'll get the super nice and long tp found in Europe. Don't know the brand but it beats Charmin by a mile.