To the editor,

Greg Tony or Toney as he once spelled it to disguise his identity is a fraud. He is a proven liar and murdered someone and this is ok with you ? You and Your website lose credibility when backing an immoral unethical person such as Greg. Think of this, he murdered someone w a gun, shot the guy 4 times in the head and never told anyone about it , lying on his application. Chief Foster said he should have never been hired as a police officer, yet bc he worked out with Pollack at CrossFit and established that relationship, the governor gave him a “shot” at this position. The governor has egg on his face right now and trust me is upset by not vetting Greg properly.

Israel did not take responsibility and yes he is cocky, but you don’t know Greg. Greg is worse. He is fooling you all. Even the Coral Springs FOP won’t endorse him bc they know he’s immoral and unethical unlike you Ms. Editor. The best pick is Mr. Pollack, seasoned professional at BSO. Most of BSO endorse Pollack and know Greg is a fraud. Greg and his wife live with a Coral Springs cop in Coral Springs w this cops family... Does he pay rent ? If he does , it is against code in this city. Don’t tell me he lives there for free , our sheriff. Vet him mam. And think of this, Parkland was a horrible terrible incident , a sick twisted guy w a gun, and the parents who now “run the county “, how about little twisted Greg Toney in Philly killing that kid who also has a Family. He’s preaching safety ... Sun Sentinel had it partially right , you lost your marbles. Please I welcome a response .