So the choice the democrats are giving us is either to choose Gregory Tony a Liar, that perjured himself on an application for Police Officer in Coral Springs, not stating that he killed someone, took LSD and wrote bad checks...... versus...Scott Israel, that on his watch was responsible for the bad culture in the Broward County Sheriff department, failed to protect the kids at MSD high school, and was removed from office by a Republican Governor?

They are both terrible choices in these times - a Liar or an Incompetent ? I think no endorsement of either should be at hand since they are both lack what is needed to be a Sheriff in these times.

What am I missing here ? This is the best the Democrats can do ? When they support these type of candidates they are assuming that we have no other choice and they are playing us for suckers.

I am going to vote for the Republican, H. Wayne Clark . He looks good. US Army Veteran , ( the other two are not). Consider this a protest vote - and I recommend everyone else do the same.