As a Cuban American this 'reporting' is a reminder to anybody who's had any experience with Communism.
There are 'committees' in place in every block that hold meetings in which neighbors tattle on neighbors who might be voicing anti regime sentiments.
The snitching is also encouraged between family, friends and especially kids on parents.
In four short months, we've declined to a society that is trampling on most of our civil rights.
And to those who would argue that masks are 'for others safety' then my response is since when are the healthy and not the sick, the ones quarantined?
If we're to believe science, then children are neither transmitters, nor apt to be critically ill, if they don't suffer from health issues.
As for the mall and billiard place, adults take risks every day ie - driving.
Follow the old adage and take control of your OWN life....stay home and if you go out, YOU wear a mask, keep your distance, wash your hands. Don't like what you see at a business, just leave.
But please, this whole 'reporting' on others is despicable.