An idea that I found interesting in Chapter 14 of Muckle and González is the idea of chocolate production in the Food Matters box on page 348. Most people have had a piece of chocolate in their lifetime, and “seventy-five per cent of all chocolate begins as raw cacao in West Africa” (M&G 348). So, most likely everyone has had a piece of chocolate from a place where “half a million underage workers” are used to produce cacao bean, that is used in the chocolate (M&G 348). I find it crazy that most people do not know, or care where their chocolate is from, they just enjoy it whiles “most cacao farmers have never seen or tasted chocolate in the finished product” (M&G 348). I never thought that anthropologist could help the problem but according to Muckle and González “companies seeking to provide an ethically sound product may seek out anthropologist to help them develop it” (348). I think this shows the collaboration to help end things such as slave labor for profit, and I think it is amazing to think that everyone can make a change by supporting fair trade brands who actually practice ethical business.