One thing in M&G that I enjoyed reading about was the violence in groups. Violence- either within groups or between groups- often arises out of power inequalities and hierarchies. When groups clash, the size of the group and goals of the conflict shape the confrontation. Violence in smaller horticultural or pastoral societies may take the form of the raid, in which members of one group aim to steal or recover items, animals, or people from another group in the same society. Ongoing violent relations between two groups in the same society are called a feud. Feuding often begins when a member of one group kills a member of another. Warfare is different from raiding and feuding in that it is on a much larger scale. Societies can divide internally into civil wars, in which different groups within the same society go to war with one another. And lastly, sectarian violence occurs when societies divided by ethnicity and religious beliefs explode with tension that has built for decades or even centuries. Overall, this whole chapter was very interesting but this section was the most intriguing for me to read.