For those of us in the bottom 95% of the two tiered justice system, we would have been in jail long ago, assets seized, and charged with domestic abuse. Hunter resides in the “golden zone” of the double sided justice system and therefore he can ignore court orders and every last thing he wants to. Hunter Biden is solidly protected by the corrupt, elitist democrat party, the activist obama appointed judicial system, and the deep state who don’t want even the slightest chance a Hunter could mess up and expose their carefully crafted sedition against America. He has nothing to worry about except where to score his next 8 ball and leaving cab fare on the dresser for his latest girl friend d jour. I’ll wager his tax returns don’t reflect his income at all, if in fact they even exist because as we have all seen time and again, the IRS only goes after those they deem Americans. All others strangely never are held to account for their cheating. So I’m not going to give it a second thought. Biden is above the law. Like all the others who live in that protected bubble on the hill.