My family worked for decades in what was Belgian Congo, more specifically in the Katanga region. rich with mining resources. Around the time of independence, Rebel militias would attack Belgian forces after having been brainwashed by some witchcraft doctor who had repeatedly told them Belgian bullets were made of water. So they would run towards Belgian lines also erect and torso bare, screaming "c'est de l'eau, c'est de l'eau" (it's water, it's water). This mental conditioning gave them particular resistance to pain and it was scary and horrifying for Belgian soldiers to see how many bullets were needed to finally take them down. Of course these running and screaming zombies would always be obliterated in the end, but the whole scene was truly nightmarish it seems. My great-uncle in particular, who spent 31 years in Belgian Congo (from 1929 to 1960), had other incredible anecdotes about the outlandish believes, actions, stupidity and incompetence of these people. The Hutus it seems are particularly primitive, violent and cognitively retarded. The Pygmies he believed were so stupid and physically different that they were a close branch of hominids, yes, but not humans. Of course my great-uncle would not pass as very politically correct by modern standards.