Hi there. I just wanted to type this in case it helps others. We had a super day today. We arrived at lozovac entrance and parked our car under a shady tree which was great in 36° heat! We were going to walk to the big waterfall but the shuttle bus arrived so we hopped on. We arrived at the reception area where a lady with a microphone told us options. Either a short walk one way to the main waterfall or walk another way for u boat excursions (at extra cost) We booked tickets for the 10 am for our boat trip which was excellent. We set off for Visovac island where we stopped for half an hour (church, monastery museum, ice creams) and back on the boat to carry on to Roski slap. This was very pretty but best of all cold drinks in the shade and gorgeous swimming and a chance for a sandwich and to look at the old water mills. We then took a leisurely cruise back. At 2 pm we arrived back at the boat station and then we walked towards Skrandinski buk. As we approached we saw the educational trial and decided to follow it which was absolutely superb. It was stunning. Lots of flora and fauna beautiful views. We then arrived at the main waterfall left our bags (including passports and phones) on the side and nervously headed in. The water was gorgeous snd clambering over rocks and the swim amazing. We then came out for ice cream and a drink. One thing to note is that the toilet is 10 minutes walk up very steep steps. My teenager needed to go so I went with him it was exhausting! Highly recommended! What a day!! #lovecroatia