Since the up ramp has been blocked for construction, cars ascending and descending the ramp (garage) must use the same ramp, that is, two-way traffic on one ramp. I don't remember this level of dislocation the other times work was performed at the garage. The speed bumps are horrible - way too high - and can give you a mild whiplash as you pass over them. I think this happened to me earlier today. Although I was wearing a seat belt and the car went over the bumps very slowly, unfortunately my head snapped back and forth going over the bumps.
Afterwards I felt physically sick - nauseated. They put the bumps in obviously to slow traffic down to a crawl since there is now two-way traffic in the ordinarily one-way ramps. It is also very difficult for two-way traffic to negotiate the lane which normally accommodates one lane. One car may have to back out etc. I am surprised by the lack of signage in the facility. You find yourself going up "Do Not Enter" ramps because the up ramp is closed. In the garage now, you often do not know which ramp to take.. Perhaps RIOC should have had one area of one floor done at a time rather than shut down the D area of each floor.