sui morti per natural hazard e genere c'è abbastanza letteratura: per frane e alluvioni, in Italia e in Europa muoiono più maschi che femmine
per l'italia reference qui: https://www.sciencedirect.c...
per la svizzera: https://www.nat-hazards-ear... (open access)
per il portogallo: https://onlinelibrary.wiley...

We found that flood fatalities in Italy occurred primarily outdoor (76%), [..] This allowed us to identify three main hazardous behaviours, including (i) fording a river with a vehicle, (ii) moving towards or standing on the banks or levees of a river, and (iii) standing on a bridge, during a flood. We maintain that these evidently risky behaviours indicate that people were generally unaware of, or underestimated the dangerousness of their potentially fatal actions and conducts, probably linked to a low risk perception of motorists (Ruin et al., 2007). People recognizing the severity of the potential consequences of driving through flooded waterways in situations of greater risk, however, do not consider these consequences to be applicable to themselves (Pearson and Hamilton, 2014). Drivers expect themselves to have adequate driving skills in uncommon and unfavourable conditions, and misjudge the ability of their vehicles to remain or travel on roads partly or totally covered by water, debris, or mud. [..]

Many of the flood fatalities in our catalogue were motor-vehicle related, with males (65%) largely more numerous than females (35%). Similar findings were obtained in Greece [...] and in the USA [..] and may confirm a different propensity towards risk taking between the genders (Coates, 1999, Ruin et al., 2007), with males more likely than females to take chances and hence to be victims of motor-related accidents during floods [...]. With this respect, it is worth noticing that the gender ratio for the motor-vehicle related flood fatalities, M/F = 1.9 is significantly lower than the same ratio for all car accidents in Italy, for fatalities M/F = 3.50 and for injured people M/F = 2.00. We consider this further evidence that females are less likely to take chances during a flood event.

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