This interesting discussion of parenting in Genoa City reminds me of how much the soap world relies on dysfunction. As much as we wouldn’t want it in real life, this much dysfunction creates story and drama for our characters.

Sometimes, however, I like to step back and enjoy changes of pace with quiet, thoughtful moments which reflect a piece of real life. Devon’s grieving – mentioned in this article – is one of those real life moments. I valued those quiet scenes last week in which Devon and Elena bonded over their shared feelings of grief and loss. The quality of this shared process is heightened by the natural emotional intimacy between these two – chemistry which was well-matched with the sensitivity and sensuality of the instrumental jazz piece “Blues for the Brokenhearted.” A fitting title, right?!

As for Devon’s vision of Hilary on the stairs, I see this as part of the normal pattern of the grief process. Getting over significant losses is never a straight path to being able to fully get on with one’s life. Just when you think you are recovering well, a moment or event comes along and sets you back a bit. As Elena and Devon said in Friday’s episode, finding peace and being able to get on with your life aren’t easy. Just when you think you think you’re “on the right path,” something derails you and you’re “off the road and into a ditch – a black hole.”

The combination of losing Neil so soon after losing Hilary and his child is unnerving Devon and sometimes throwing him into that ditch – at the same time as he is starting to feel he might be on the right path with this new woman in his world. I think that it’s inevitable that he will have moments of emotional confusion like this vision of his much-loved late wife. But I do think that he is moving on and will remember Hilary’s words about there being another woman out there for him.