This article's closing quote heightened my empathy for the people who worked on Fyre Festival but were unaware of just how disastrous (and felonious) the whole thing was.

What a terrible experience for the mid-to-low level workers. It reminds me of the situation with people who worked for Theranos. Like a lot of the people at Theranos, a significant amount of Fyre Festival employees wouldn't have known the true extent of how bad things were until it all went viral.

With Theranos, I read an article where an employee said including the time spent at that company guaranteed you wouldn't get called for an interview.

So Fyre Festival is definitely not something one wants to include on a resume, but what if you worked on it for a year?

In a job interview, Do you acknowledge that time spent working on it or no? But then one has to explain away a significant chunk of time allegedly not working. And if you do reference it, how does one attempt to explain to a potential employer that you weren't aware the whole thing was a felony level con?

Just the thought of having to decide the best option sounds like a total...'Ugh'.