As a retired high school teacher I have seen much the same....high schools are microcosms of our society, and white students in schools with a large percentage of blacks have to develop the same survival techniques to get by during lunch, passing periods, and going to and from school in order to not get jumped or victimized. It's common for white girls to ask if a friend can accompany them to the restroom during class so they can look out for each other.
Black students demand a bathroom pass and roam the hallways in groups during class, looking for lone students to bully, and during passing period black students walk down the hall in groups of three or four abreast, challenging anyone who gets in their way. They also stop and congregate in the middle of a hall in large groups and block anyone trying to get by until the bell rings, then casually stroll to class at a leisurely pace, making everyone behind them late. It's common for blacks to cut to the front of the line during lunch, and woe be the white student that complains. They also will demand white students "give them a taste" of their lunch, eating french fries off their plate.
It's sad.