I read about American Renaissance doing their conventions down in Tennessee and wish they could do one closer to my home. I understand why AmRen does Tennessee so much: because it is a dependable site.

Now...I occasionally throw this out just as a suggestion and nothing more: I think Logan, County, West Virginia would be a good place to have a conference. Logan is nestled in the picturesque coalmining fields of Southern West Virginia. It is overwhelmingly white, and the majority of people would find Mr. Taylor's words true.

Like Tennessee, there is a state park nearby with a lodge that could hold an AmRen Conference. Mr. Taylor could get his words out on WVOW radio in Logan. There is an open forum time for conversation on WVOW in which Mr. Taylor could reach hundreds of thousands of listeners.

It would make my heart swell with joy to see Mr. Taylor in Chief Logan State Park in Logan West Virginia. Charleston is only about 30 to 40 minutes away if people want to stay in a larger city. The antifa would not find many friends in West Virginia. I would probably not mention that if I were them.

This is a place that Identity Evropa might also consider getting a foothold. I think their message would be well received. Most people are very proud of their white heritage. I am from that area and can say the people are not ashamed of their whiteness there! OK...I hope someday that can happen, but I understand the conferences will probably remain in Tennessee.