I fear your comment is rashly judgmental, my friend, as it may apply to certain "people", but I feel not to myself.

I never stated in my comment that the Chair was vacant, indeed I stated that I treat (perhaps I should've used accept instead) Francis as true and valid Pope. If that was your impression, viz, that I was advocating Sede Vacantism, it was sadly in error. I do not accept, and have never accepted, Sede Vacantism, as it is a heresy.

I mentioned about Ganswein's comments, which I didn't say I accepted and which I admitted were not publicly endorsed by the Vatican, and then I merely asked some questions out of curiosity, which I was under the impression were quite legitimate, and which are permitted by section 7 of the Comment Policy of this Site.

I do not refuse to look at the truth of the situation in which we find ourselves. As you rightly stated, we are being chastised, and I would add the Church is going through Her own Passion. Sadly, the evidence of the crises is all too plain to see. As someone who is discerning a vocation to the Diocesan Priesthood, I will most likely be in the middle of it all, which is a rather frightening thought. After reading the mass of stories that are pouring into the fore, I am rather wishing the Lord wasn't calling me to the Priesthood. Yet, I am trying not to be discouraged, but rather encouraged to try and help the Church get rid of these vile things. Next to that, I would also have to put up with a Pope (if Francis is still here at my ordination) who says many confusing things, which no doubt I will be asked to endorse as a Priest. So, I will definitely be most aware of the truth of the situation.

I hope my reply clarifies my position on the matter. I will presently amend my original comment to clarify for anyone else who interprets my comment as permutating, or savouring, Sede Vacantism.