Choices 1 and 2 - quality of content and support of the publication - were both reasons. There is quality content available that is ad-supported, and most of my online news is in that format. I have two subscriptions, both to publications that allowed a certain amount of free reads per month, and I kept bumping into the paywall, sometimes less than a week into the month. Subscriptions weren't unreasonable, so I subscribed.

I will NOT subscribe to any publication that a) expects me to pay up before I've even established whether I want the feed or not, or b) overcharges. I won't even register an account with any online provider who demands registration before opening an article - I'll just shut the tab and read something else. You want me to register to comment? Fair enough. You want me to register - provide you with identifying information and the opportunity to target ads on my other feeds - when I haven't even determined that I don't hate you? fo. And charging me the same for online publications that you would for hard copy periodicals? If you think I'm that stupid, you don't need my business.