Al Lewis Children's Park Water Fountain Contaminated? RIOC sez "non-potable" water.

This is a consequence of RIOC's lies and incompetence.

RIOC has lied, even recently in their resolution with the Cat Sanctuary, about the water. Here's a summary of RIOC's statements:

- RIOC sez WFF was causing low pressure in the Southpoint Park irrigation system.
- After pointing out that WFF uses the water during the daytime and the sprinklers were on a nighttime ... RIOC shifted its argument ...
- RIOC sez WFF was wasting water.
- WFF showed a hose with a squeeze nozzle that only uses water when its operator squeezes, and residents showed numerous pictures of RIOC *huge* waste of water in its sprinkler systems ... RIOC shifted its argument ...
- RIOC sez the water is contaminated
- WFF pointed out that this comes from the same water source that we drink, i.e., based upon RIOC's claim, our drinking water is contaminated ... RIOC shifted its argument ...
- RIOC sez the water isn't contaminated, it now sez the water is "non-potable" with feces and chemicals from the irrigation system
- In turning on the water, RIOC sez WFF agreed to use the water without affecting water pressure, but this is a lie because WFF (including voicing from WFF's attorney) never affected the sprinkler pressure ... yet another lie from RIOC.

To be clear, whatever backflow might happen from a sprinkler head (water is turned off and outside water might seep back into the head) would certainly be flushed as soon as the system was operating again and IMPORTANTLY: no different than flushing the system for the public when water is turned back on to clear the system of brown water sediments.

Regardless, with RIOC's claim the water in their sprinklers is non-potable, RIOC is in violation of OSHA regulations because non-potable water sources must be marked "Non-Potable Water". So all irrigation valve boxes and ALL sprinklers (because the water is accessible to the public and they might wash or drink from it) must have signs saying "Non-Potable Water".

Here is 29 CFR 1910.141(b)(2)(i):
"Outlets for nonpotable water, such as water for industrial or firefighting purposes, shall be posted or otherwise marked in a manner that will indicate clearly that the water is unsafe and is not to be used for drinking, washing of the person, cooking, washing of food, washing of cooking or eating utensils, washing of food preparation or processing premises, or personal service rooms, or for washing clothes."

If RIOC says the water in their irrigation system is non-potable, then all of these irrigation values and sprinklers (where the public might dip their hands or take a drink) must be marked non-potable.

RIOC has installed a water fountain at Al Lewis park and connected to RIOC's irrigation system, which has non-potable water. Aside from requiring the irrigation value to be marked "Non-Potable Water", it MUST NOT BE OFFERED FOR DRINKING, as the water fountain is connected to the non-potable source.

Here are photos of the fountain and the irrigation valve next to it:

Here is the photo of the same irrigation valve next to the Cat Sanctuary that RIOC sez was non-potable:

Here was what a normal water supply value looks like at the MTA substation at Southpoint Park, which is similar to the water supply valves at Four Freedoms Park (second photo):

RIOC must immediately disable the Al Lewis drinking fountain until the water source can be investigated and properly signed and sourced.

Why did RIOC connect the Al Lewis children's park water fountain to the Capobiano Field irrigation system?

Really RIOC, you're playing with the public's health, including children! So incompetent!

Frank Farance