De Blasio argues mainly on behalf of Blacks and Hispanics because they are the most vocal and politically dangerous of the 'minorities' that have plagued his city. Asians are less intimidating, and most people don't equate Asians as 'victims of poverty' or 'discrimination' in the way they do toward Blacks and Hispanics.

Asians are generally respectable and quiet. Blacks are loud and disruptive.

Asians try to reason with others. Blacks try to shout their opponents down. When that doesn't work, they try to physically intimidate and threaten them.

Asians are not the 'golden children' of the peddlers of 'diversity' in the way that Blacks and Hispanics are.

De Blasio has what appears to be an angry Black woman as his wife, including a couple of mongrel children whom he must appease in his household.

Thus, in some ways, it's understandable why De Blasio sides with Blacks over Asians. He's typical of limousine liberals, though, in that he blathers about 'racial equality' but then proceeds to openly discriminate against Asians after jettisoning the importance of academic merit as the deciding factor of who should be allowed entrance into such schools.