Leftists and Globalists believe that they not only have a right, but also a duty, to destroy the concept of a nation-state structured around the majority white ethnic population who has historically occupied that land.

More white people who oppose the above need to start thinking in terms of duty. You Englishman, Frenchman, Swede, German, and so on not only have a right to maintain English, French, Swedish, and German majorities with cultural and political control in your nations -- you have an absolute duty to ensure that outcome. Your ancestors sacrificed far too much in terms of working to build up your nation and fend off invaders so that you could enjoy a better life for you now to just piss it away.

But your duty is not just to honor the sacrifices your ancestors have made, your duty is also to your descendants who will almost certainly have a worse life should they become minorities in their own ancestral homelands. If you think that anti-whiteness in the media or the growing foreign population's desire to tear down the existing culture and structure of society is bad now then imagine how bad it will be as the percentage of the population which is white continues to decline and can no longer defend itself.

You just don't just have a right to protect your homeland, you have a duty.