The Seven Sisters series by Lucinda Riley should be up here as each book is descriptively set in at least two or three different parts of the world as each sister seeks the site of their birth and embarks on discovering their individual family histories. Also anything by Amitav Ghosh but I especially loved The Hungry Tide and The Glass Palace and Rani Manicka's magnificent Malaysian saga The Rice Mother is stunning. The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova takes you on a dark and atmospheric journey from the bazaars of Istanbul to Transylvanian islands. Though non-fiction, The Hare With Amber Eyes reads like a novel and explores the journeys taken by different members of one family, the Ephrussis, a Jewish banking dynasty, from Odessa to Vienna and, with the occupation during the war, on to Paris, America and Japan. If you enjoyed The Miniaturist I'm sure you would like this.