The Smoothing, Firming & Brightening Creme is an amazing product! It leaves my skin so smooth and hydrated that I can actually feel the difference in my skin's texture when I wash my face! It also evens out my skin tone and reduces fine lines. I have combo skin, and I'm now focused on aging gracefully as I'm about to turn 50. I do not wear any foundation or liquid makeup, and I get tons of compliments on my clear, smooth, glowing skin! Be aware that this creme may cause your skin to tingle slightly when you put it on. I have no discomfort with that, but if you have any questions or concerns, just contact Barbara for advice - she's amazing and will help to make sure you're using the product in the best way for your individual needs. Overall, I've been using Sage products for over 15 years, and I highly recommend them. The products and the customer service are exceptional!