Term Limits would result in a smaller central/Federal government and put more freedom (and responsibility) on the People and the states - where it should be. A founding principle of our nation was Self-Determinism, not "as the government decides or provides." Limit their terms and a) they will spend more time doing the work of The People (and, magically, there will be less work to be done), and b) less time raising money and padding their own wallets (corruption).
Voting them out of office as a means of limiting their term(s) in office is a false pursuit, as voter turnout is abysmal and the campaign process being corrupted with lies and less-than-honest representations of a candidate's beliefs and intentions.
Before you vote, look at what your representatives have DONE or ACHIEVED, not what they're saying they've done or achieved.
The entrenched Political class, of all parties, looks after their own well-being and their standard of living first, the business and struggles of the People third, and their major donors/supporters second.
If you haven't done much reading outside of what you are fed by "mainstream" media and your personal (biased) favorite media outlets, take a look at these books (bi-partisan corruption and largesse at taxpayer expense): Barons of the Beltway, Secret Empires, Confessions of Congressman X.