Hi Robbie, I'm sure you know by now that adding multiple LUTs by hacking the app package is not supported by Adobe. You are supposed to use the Browse button, according to Premiere Pro engineering. I know, it's slow and cumbersome. Sorry. That said, your hack can cause a good number of terrible issues when sharing projects, using AME, etc., if you don't know the issues.

What would be better is a new feature that allows you to add LUTs en masse. So, please, if you would not mind, make a feature request instead of encouraging a hack that can cause a lot of pain for those not covering all the bases in this unsupported workflow. If everyone that read this article did the same thing, that would be awesome. The link is http://www.adobe.com/go/wish I can definitely advocate for that feature on your behalf. See you at NAB!

Kevin Monahan
Support Manager, Adobe DVA