There are no monuments to slavery in Africa. Yet Africa was the center of slavery for thousands of years going back to the time of ancient Egypt. Slavery picked up pace under Arab traders who sold African men, women and children bought from other Africans. When slavery was finally abolished by England and France in the 19th century African slave traders were the ones who protested the most.

I always wondered why the technologies of Egypt, Rome, Carthage, to the Middle East never penetrated Sub Saharan Africa when the exchange of discoveries and inventions easily moved from East and West covering greater distances that were more arduous to cover than going south into Sub Saharan Africa.

One possibility is the extreme disruption of whole scale slavery. Selling entire regions of people into bondage would effectively stagnate that region. Any transfer of culture and sciences which requires a stable civilization is ripped apart by the brutality of African slave traders. If the business of slavery needed millions of people through the centuries, it would crush that region from advancing.

The lack of monuments in Africa explains why Europe and Whites are blamed for slavery but not Africans. Africa needs monuments to remind her of this epic loss.