This demonstrates well a thought I've been pondering recently: Blacks are good at thinking tribally, but not acting collectively. With whites, it's the opposite.

Blacks will be hostile to those they consider members of an outgroup, whether it be someone of a different race, or even just a different gang affiliation. However, being a member of their ingroup doesn't afford one many special privileges. They'll still treat you like garbage, steal from you, or ignore you in time of need. The only benefit is escaping outright hostility.

Whites, on the other hand, will look for ways to care for others around them and act in the collective interest. However, they won't do it out of a sense of loyalty to their own, only generalized human decency. Such good will is easily parasitized.

Thus, blacks exist today mainly as a group to be endured, and whites exist mainly as foundational filler for a deracinated society with a dying cultural identity. A group that can both think tribally and act collectively will be a force to be reckoned with.