The Leftist narrative requires racist bogeymen as a counterweight to their 'equality' stated agenda. If said racists aren't in plain sight, they will create them by misrepresention or outright fabrication. Similarly, the Leftist agenda requires the erasure of White history. So, let's see what happens when the Leftists discover scientific units of measure. Watt, Joule, Newton, Avagadro, Mach, Celsius, Farenheit, Kelvin, Curie, Bel, Hertz, Gauss, Coulomb, Volt, Ampere, Farad, Henry, Maxwell, Angstrom, Becquerel, Weber, Tesla, Pascal, Siemens, Gray, Sievert, Bethe, Brewster, Brinell, etc.

Out of the 29 units of measure I found in a quick lookup, 100% of them were named after people of European descent. The only logical explanation? Racism. That they actually discovered and wrote about major discoveries in critical areas of science is irrelevant. No, scientific units of measure must be made 'diverse', or neutered by removing all reference to the Europeans who made these contributions to humanity.

Fortunately, Leftists are not only ignorant about history, but generally ignorant about science. Gender Studies major generally have maxed out on their scientific education after their Freshman course on 'Science Fundamentals', in which they learn about tough concepts such as the Metric system.

Source: do a Google search for 'units of measure unc(dot)edu'.