Trump's first big political act was to question the citizenship and education of the first black president. That immediately aligned him with the most racist elements of our country.

He constantly panders to the alt-right. He hires them, quotes them and never fully distances himself from their more racist activities, theories and statements – not without backtracking or outright mocking any "teleprompter" statements that do come close.

From "Roman salutes" to protecting "white culture", the alt-right are just rebranded white supremacists. And they love their Nazi symbols. They hold them high at their rallies.

So yeah, he's guilty by association until he actually and completely parts ways with their intellectual leaders and solidly condemns their overtly racist actions without any equivocation. For the record, I was offended when previous right or left wing presidents were labeled Nazis. In my lifetime, this is the first president for whom the insult fits.