As someone who was born and raised and only knew the Apartheid political dispensation in South Africa for 40 years I follow the invasion of Europe by Africa with great interest.
Right now the numbers are small - 600,000 sub Saharan Africans into Italy in 4 years.
Compare that to my experience - from being outnumbered by blacks at 3:1 in 1950 to 7:1 in 1990. By all recent reports Scandinavia and Europe finds the current wave of immigration and what it is doing to their countries unacceptable.

Europe and the west may now just understand why the British started passing segregationist legislation when they arrived in the Cape in1806.

When the Afrikaners came to power in 1948 they named the status quo they inherited; Separate Development. = Apartheid. They had no desire to co-habit or rule the blacks and their ultimate goal was to return the 9 territories conquered by the British to the black tribes, after they had introduced the infrastructure to make them viable self governing territories on a par with Lesotho, Swaziland and Botswana.

The liberal west, lead by Henry Kissinger, intervened and prevented this policy from being prosecuted to its fulfilment. Result; South Africa is now a 'united" black African nation following the same incompetent and disastrous rule which lead Zimbabwe to be a failed state.

For those liberals who haven't figured it out yet the reason for this African migration is the direct result of western aid
- which lead to a population explosion
- which lead to classic corrupt African government
- which lead to collapsed infrastructure
- which lead to no education
- which lead to no jobs
- which lead to starvation
- which lead to economic migration

The tragic irony is that Africa has every God given natural resource to be a global super power, if the continent was a consolidated nation like the USA.
Corrupt incompetent government is the direct result of African tradition and a continental average IQ of 70. What hope is there for the place, and now by default Europe?

European leaders need to follow the example of Hungary and Poland and pull up the drawbridge if they really care about saving the ethnic and cultural identity of their countries.