The little Irish child holding the sign "They can have my bed" -- this is simply heart-breaking. (Yes, I understand that the family is not literally going to give away this child's bed, but the thought itself is simply wrong. It's like the reed warbler sacrificing its own eggs for the parasitic cuckoo. A healthy-minded creature doesn't sacrifice its own offspring for parasites.)

What kind of insanity is this on the part of his parents? How can people think in a manner that is so unnatural?

If you want to help people, help them where they're at. If you don't help them where they are, you're not truly helping them in the long run.

This is disturbing. Here in the States, many people hardly even know their own neighbors' names anymore, yet white people are talking about giving their own homes to foreigners? It makes absolutely no sense at all. I feel very sad and disheartened at this.