"Once Europe went out to convert, colonize and Christianize the world."

If and when Whites in America are finally able to secure our exclusively White Ethnostate - this is the sort of racially suicidal, arrogant, meddlesome behavior that will no longer be tolerated. This has the been the biggest, most destructive, most short sighted, poorly thought out, and enormously misguided lunacy that the White race has ever engaged in - because the consequences of our meddling in the affairs of the non-white third world has brought our race, our civilization and the future of our children to the present day brink of impending extinction.

Leave the non-white third world alone. Let them sink or swim based on their own level of talents and expertise and Whites should mind our own business and focus 100 percent of our concern and ingenuity on what's best for our race and only our race.

Oh, and as part of the new Constitution for our new White Ethnostate - let's include a provision whereby any White citizen who is inclined to become a Social Justice Warrior cuck who is driven to want to dedicate their lives to helping the brown and black and yellow people who hate their White guts, then these goodie-two-shoes types can be issued an immediate, White Ethnostate government approved, one-way, non-reversible , non-refundable exit VISA whereby their ethnostate citizenship will be permanently terminated, as they are given an escort to the border and wished a fond farewell.