This one reads like satire... I wonder...

"The first set has to do with a student’s family resources, residential segregation and neighborhood factors. [...] The second set has to do with education policies and practices, including school segregation, disparities between schools and also within schools."

No I.Q. The paper explores "neighborhood factors" (whatever that means) but doesn't mention I.Q. as a potential variable. Did I get that correctly ?

I could point out what every am reader - and what every honest researcher in the world - knows already, i.e that I.Q., although sometimes imperfectly measured, is the single best predicting factor of academic success, but what would be the point ? Here we are clearly facing one of two possibilities :

(a) pure insanity. Those "researchers" are clinically insane in the sense that they've lost all grip on reality and live in a purely fantasy world. For some reason I doubt it ;

(b) much more likely is some form of "grant fishing" : "let's write exactly what they want to hear, defuse all future criticism by being 100% politically correct, grab the money, then move on to the next scam".

Greed is so much more common than psychosis.