Mr. Damigo's experiences were very similar to mine. I served in US Army Infantry in Iraq and couldn't wait to go "spread democracy" and "get the terrorists." And like Marine infantry, Army infantry is probably the Whitest branch outside of the very technical branches (and Special Forces). Support units (cooks, drivers, supply, etc.)were the most non-White. I remember before the war started in 2003 we were waiting in Kuwait and I got into arguments with the black soldiers about the whole situation. They were all against going into Iraq and said Bush was "no different than Saddam." Ironically, I now look back and think they were right about the war being a bad idea but am glad I went nevertheless for the experience of combat.

Living in the South was also very educational. In the North where I grew up blacks mostly lived in the inner city. Before living in the South I looked down on Southern Whites. I then realized the difference between the South and where I grew up in the North; Whites in the South actually lived near diversity.