We are locked in a Goliath versus David struggle to speak power to truth.

Our struggle for comprehensive immigration reform is righteous, albeit arduous. Very difficult, a very steep mountain to climb. The forces of reaction and xenophobia are well funded, their four extremist hate organizations all have bank accounts that run well into the tens of dollars. In contrast, all we have to work with are most billionaires, most corporations, almost all of Hollywood and Silicon Valley, almost all of academia, and just about all of the mainstream media.

In spite of those long desperate odds, the crusade led by the privileged, rich, organized and powerful against the dispossessed, broke, unorganized and weak is indeed on the right side of history in the current year, because I have bought all the historians, and the arc of history bends in the billionaires’ direction, because I hired a really strong guy from Norway to bend it for me. All we can hope for is that we wake up every morning surrounded by our fifteen morning servants and our servants' servants to remind us that we have made it to live to fight another day.