Having lived "gentrification", I call bull on most of this.
People do pay lip service to how wonderful the prevailing black culture is, etc., but it's just that- lip service. We do get together and make light of the crime and real risks, because after awhile, you have to try to do this to cope with very real fear.
If anyone is being genuine about their gushing over the wonderful diverse culture they've moved in on, they have not been there long, if they are being for real. They probably aren't.

People do this because these cities are REALLY expensive, and they can't afford anything else. Young people these days can barely afford a starter home someplace cheap, let alone D.C. So why be there? Because of their jobs. Why not the burbs? Because they are also expensive. Most of them can't afford both the house and car. That's why the gushing over bike lanes, etc. People are making the best of it- not necessarily choosing it. Learn to love biking- because it's what you get.

So let's try to be a little bit sympathetic to this poor, screwed, in debt for life generation- because some of it might actually be our fault.

Some understand that if they can stick it out and enough other whites do it, they can profit on that property really well. It can be quite smart, actually. Golden ticket to a nice white neighborhood when baby time comes.

Sure, they are goofy, but in many ways, you'll notice they are trying as cheerfully as possible to make some lemonade out of their lemons.