Cheap labor is the White Man's Kryptonite.

The little Metizo and Asian people are such docile little sweethearts while they are a very small, manageable minority, aren't they. That all changes when they get enough numbers and Whites find out that the coolie wages they thought they were getting away with paying was only the first installment payment on a huge, huge, huge balloon debt they were acquiring.

This board is populated more by people who are more impressed with high IQ than they are their own racial preservation. They envision some kind of Brave New World where a small, very smart group of White or light-skinned people can effectively manage a large group of violent, low IQ swarthmores.

That was only possible before mass communication. Back before the swarthmores either knew they were being exploited for cheap labor or felt too isolated from other swarthmores to do much about it. It's a totally different ballgame now.

From a racial point of view, I'd rather have a large population of Whites without genius IQs who can be the maids and the landscapers and garbage collectors. I am not one of those White idiots who would rather be murdered in my bed than make it.