I think the terms like "moderate Muslims" or "Islamic fundamentalism" hides the somewhat shocking reality that a majority of Muslims hold what we would consider to be "fundamentalist" views. Most Muslims in the United States hold Islam as superior to the Constitution of the United States, most British Muslims believe homosexuals should be prosecuted, majorities of Muslims across the Middle East (and sizable proportions across the West) believe in severe punishment, if not the death penalty, for insulting or leaving Islam. For the first time in history however, the West has allowed them in en masse. The "barbarians inside the gates" are among us. The coming years will be a true test of Western resolve to maintain its unique, Christian identity, or allow itself to be conquered. We must hope and pray that President Trump doesn't follow in the footsteps of his Republican predecessor who pursued an insane policy of trying to democratize and secularize Afghanistan and Iraq. Even the tragedy of the Vietnam War seems like a relatively contained blunder in comparison to the Pandora's Box opened in late 2001.