Sarah, answer me these:
1. Who would you have the military install? I don't think your gal Hillary or your boy Bernie would be their first choices. You'd most likely end up with Mad Dog Mattis.
2. Why didn't you do a better job of supporting your boy Bernie in the primary? You know, donating the proceeds of a weekend's comedy gig to his campaign, or taking some time out of your busy schedule to stump for him?
3. I don't know how much you rake in every year from your gigs, but according to your boy Bernie and gal Hillary's tax plans, you'd be among the "rich" who they plan to tax a lot more to pay their fair share. Would you, like other well off celebrities, stash some of that in the Caymans to get around that tax bill?
4. Did you know that the greatest threat of harm to you and your fellow Jewish people is radical Islam (not white conservative Christians)? And what do you think when I tell you that Bernie and Hillary are totally OK with letting Islamic radicals who want to kill you and your people just waltz right into the country?