Michael Dyson would do well in a couple of other professions, such as, a Cryptozoologist, or as a faith healer in religious revival shows or as a traveling snake oil salesman.

Instead he is peddling liberal fairy tales, he is selling White Privilege Atonement to gullible Whites. Most colleges today peddle the White Privilege mythology but their audience is young impressionable minds, eager to get a good passing grade so they stand in the unemployment line with an impressive diploma in their hands.

Dyson's audience, on the other hand, has nothing to gain and won't ever lose the White Guilt they are trying to relieve.

Whites will never be able do enough to boost the African diaspora to any type of level that would make them productive-functional citizens in Western society. But that will never stop liberals from trying. No matter how many times they bang their heads against a concrete wall, they will always come up with another excuse or theory about why the wall won't break.