Pat Buchanan has been one of the few widely read spokesmen for real Americans ever since Ronald Reagan left office. I agree with everything he wrote here with one exception, and that is:

"Old Europe never knew mass immigration until the 20th century."

This is perhaps a bitter irony, and one we would rather forget, but Old Christian Europe was SHAPED (for the past 1400 years anyhow) by the constant threats of mass immigration and conquest by exactly the same people who are immigrating and conquering now: the Muslims and Arab Hordes from the Middle East and North Africa. Spain held the entire western front for almost EIGHT HUNDRED YEARS (precisely 781 years, 711-1492, but Central European Austria and Eastern European Poland defended Eastern Europe for 500 years from the fall of the Byzantine Empire to the end of the Ottoman Empire which toppled that Eastern Remnant of Ancient Rome.

Keep in mind that for the first 600 years after Christ's crucifixion, until the Arab conquest in 639-642 A.D., Egypt was perhaps the most devoutly Christian provinces in the entire world, but Egypt fell in the first wave of Conquest after Mohammed's death. It took another 811 years to wipe out the last traces of Byzantium, but by 1453 Constantinople fell for the last time and by 1461 the last isolate Christian-Greek sovereignty (Trebizond, in the Eastern Black Sea, Northeastern Anatolia and Crimea) was also wiped out.

The Muslims were as relentless and savage then as they are now. But the ethnic and religious composition of Albania, Bulgaria, and the ruins of Yugoslavia are tribute to the efficacy of mass Ottoman migrations and invasion and conquest of Europe 1299-1918. Remember that in the time of Christ, Western Anatolia was called "Galatia", the land of the Celts, who were themselves relative newcomers after the Greeks and Hittites had planted Indo-European/Aryan Civilization in what we now call "Turkey."

No, Pat---you're totally wrong. Old Europe knew and feared mass migration and conquest by Muslims at least 1300 years before the likes of Angela Merkel were even a glint in Joseph Stalin's eyes.....